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List of Qualifief Athletes for OQS

I hope this communication finds you well.


On behalf of the WDSF Vice-President for Sport Mr. Nenad Jeftic, we are delighted to bring to your attention that we are entering the last phase of preparations for the Olympic Games 2024.


Having successfully conducted the initial phase, consisting of World and Continental Championships as well as numerous BfG events, WDSF is proud to confirm these two Events of OQS, taking place in May in Shanghai and in June in Budapest, are the final steps to be made on the road to Paris 2024, all in accordance to the Olympic Qualification System signed by the WDSF Vice-President for Sports Mr. Nenad Jeftic.


Following a rigorous qualification phase characterized by outstanding performances, we are presenting you the Final List of Qualified Athletes, accepted by the respective NMBs/NOCs to compete in the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS).


Furthermore, the information on the logistics arrangement will be shared with the respective NMBs to prepare the delegations for the OQS.  


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact WDSF Offices.


Very best regards,​

Sergey Nifontov

WDSF General Secretary

Final list of Qualified Athletes for OQS
Download PDF • 333KB

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