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BDSF Hip hop Freestyle Belgian Championships

Last Saturday 28/08/2021 was the first BDSF Hip hop Freestyle Belgian Championships.

The competition was called the Final 8 and brought together the best dancers of the season.

Thalia became the Belgium Champion U16 and Charmant The Cage won the O17 category.

Congrats to them.

Check out the final results:

Moins de 16 ans :

  1. Thalia Ait Bouthaine

  2. Nour Bakkali

  3. Thibaut Maniquet

  4. Arthur "Sloop" Callari

  5. Alice Longo

  6. Luna Hartman

  7. Maelle Minne

  8. Leano Ali Hamed

Vers 17:

  1. Charmante Longue

  2. David "Doyah" Yowa

  3. Jonathan "Jonzy" Nzouekeu

  4. Adam Maryns

  5. Julien "Anarchie" Maniquet

  6. Max Herchaft

  7. Géraldine "Gigi" Tshibuabua

  8. Micheline Desguin

01.05.2020 - 02.05.2020

Salle de sport Meos, Bloemenstraat 36D,

9990 Maldegem

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