Minimum criteria

To be considered as an arthlete for selection of the WDSF World Championship the arthlete must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Meet the WDSF international criteria (

  • Be a national member of BDSF through FWBDS or DSV

  • Have obtained a minimum top 16 place in a '2 star' international 1-1 battle (see below)

If more arthletes have met the minimum criteria than there are quota places allocated by WDSF to Belgium, BDSF will allocate the places using the selection ranking described below.

Selection ranking


Arthletes with the highest cumulative total of points, based on the selection ranking system of their 3 best selection battles.










  • A result is only taken into account if at least one battle at the selection battle is actually won, or if the dancer was qualified for the relevant selection battle through a pre-selection.

  • Taking part in the pre-selection does not result in points.

  • If less than 3 selection battles were organized in the selection period, the points are taken from the number of selection battles actually organized. 

Nominated selection battles


  • 26-03, Red Bull BC One Belgium (1 star)

  • 21-05, BDSF Belgian Breaking Championships (1 star)

  • 26-06, UK Championships, UK (2 star)

  • 4/7-08, Outbreak, Slovakia (2 star)

  • 12/14-08, IBE, The Netherlands (2 star)

  • 1/2-10, Unbreakable, Belgium (2 star)


BDSF reserves the right to add selection battles during the year. 


If a European Championship is organized by WDSF in 2022, the points obtained at the previous nominated selection competitions in 2022 will be taken into account. 


In case of an ex eaquo in points, we look at the following criteria to determine which dancer will finally be selected:

  1. Mutual confrontation(s) in direct 1on1 battle at a selection battles within the last 12 months;

  2. Highest point total at a selection battle in 2022;

  3. Highest point total at the second best selection battle in 2022;

  4. Highest point total at the third best selection battle in 2022;

  5. Highest position at the last WDSF World Championship;

  6. Highest position at the last WDSF European Championship;

  7. Highest position at the last BDSF Belgian Championship;