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Critéres de sélection breaking pour la participation aux competitions WDSF

Dernière mise à jour : 23 févr.


The following criteria​ will be used to select the Belgian breakers to represent at WDSF competitions where selection is mandatory and national selection is approved.

Minimum criteria

To be eligible for selection, the arthlete must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Meet the WDSF international criteria (

  • Be a national member of BDSF through FWBDS or DSV

  • Have achieved a top 16 or better place at 1 of the following battles:

    • Last organized WDSF World or European Championship within the last 78 weeks.

    • Last organized BC One World Final within the last 78 weeks

    • A '2 star or 3 star' international 1-1 battle within the last 52 weeks

If more arthletes have met the minimum criteria than there are quota places allocated by WDSF to Belgium, BDSF will allocate the places in the following order:

  1. ​World achievement

  2. BDSF national ranking system


World achievement

Arthletes who achieved one or more world achievements in one of the following 1on1 battles. This in the last organized edition of the nominated competition, up to 78 weeks prior to the moment of selection of the selection battle.

  • Top 8 Olympic Games Paris2024

  • Top 8 WDSF World Championship breaking 2023/2024 edition

  • Top 4 in an OQS event in 2024

  • Top 4 last chance cypher BC One 2023/2024 edition

  • Top 4 WDSF European Championship 2023/2024 edition

BDSF National Ranking System

Arthletes with the highest points total based on the following internal ranking system, which takes the 3 best results of the nominated battles into account, with effective organization up to 52 weeks prior to the moment of selection of the selection battle. BDSF reserves the right to add selection battles during the year.

  • A result remains valid for 1 year (52 weeks);

  • A result will only be taken into account if the dancer wins 1 battle or gets through 1 qualifying/pre-selection stage;

  • Participation itself in the pre-selection or qualification does not earn any points;

  • If less than 3 nominated battles were organized in the previous selection period, the point total will be taken from the number of nominated battles actually organized;

Nominated battles in 2024
  • 3 star:

    • Olympic Games Paris2024

    • All OQS events

    • WDSF World Championship

    • All WDSF World Series events

  • 2 star:

    • WDSF European Championship

    • All WDSF International series events

    • All WDSF Challenger series events

    • UK Champs - UK

    • Outbreak Europe - Slovakia

    • The Notorious IBE - Netherlands

    • BOTY international World Finals

  • 1 star:

    • Belgian Breaking Championships

Moment of selection

BDSF will follow WDSF in their approach for the moment of selection. The moment of selection will be the 1st date of the month before the selection battle.

On this moment BDSF will select the arthletes following the procedures mentioned above.

For example: if the selection battle starts on the 20th of February then the moment of selection will be the 1st of January.

In exceptional cases, the moment of selection can deviate. This will be announced in advance by WDSF and/or BDSF.


BDSF National Ranking

BDSF national ranking system – Ex Eaquo

In case of an ex eaquo in points, BDSF will look at the following criteria to determine which dancer will finally be selected:

  1. The last head-to-head confrontation in a knock out phase of a 1on1 battle at a selection battle within the last 52 weeks. Confrontations in a group stages (round robin) or qualification and selection phases are not considered.;

  2. Highest point total at a selection battle within the last 52 weeks;

  3. Highest point total at the second best selection battle within the last 52 weeks;

  4. Highest point total at the third best selection battle within the last 52 weeks;

  5. Highest position at the last WDSF World Championship;

  6. Highest position at the last WDSF European Championship;

  7. Highest position at the last BDSF Belgian Championship;

Appeal procedure

If the breaker does not agree with the decision made by BDSF, a notice of objection can be sent to the Board of Directors of BDSF, at the latest 10 working days after receipt of the official decision. The breaker in question will be invited by the members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will hear the appeal and will act solely according to the procedure followed. A decision of the Board of Directors will be rendered to the breaker concerned by registered letter at the latest 20 working days after this interview.

BDSF National Selection Criteria version 2023
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